• John Zimmerman
  • Micah Arndt
  • Caleb Martin
  • Nelson Miller


There are seven critical stages in a person’s life where we are asking questions. Am I wanted? What kind of future do I have? Each of these stages presents the perfect opportunity to speak words of life and blessing into other’s lives, whether that be our spouse, child, parent, or those around us.

Our guest again today is John Zimmerman, a man who is actively involved in ministry and discipleship. He is a counselor with Strait Paths Foundation and brings a lifetime of experience and wisdom to us. We are continuing our conversation from episode 4, but are taking it a bit further and adding some practical application. It was such a blessing for Micah, Caleb, and I to sit down and learn from John, and it’s a privilege to share our conversation with you. Join us now as we learn how to bless our families.

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