• Steve Stutzman
  • Caleb Martin
  • Nelson Miller


Today on the podcast we are discussing the topic of Halloween. Our guest today is Steve Stutzman. He is a minister and counselor with the Strait Path Foundation. We are looking at the Christian response to Halloween and what it means to represent God during this season.

What Are the Origins of Halloween?

Steve shares the fascinating and sobering story behind the origins of Halloween and how good and evil has merged into a season of high spiritual activity and rebellion against God.

Can You Participate In Halloween Innocently?

The panel discusses whether or not you can participate in this season innocently. Steve points out that we should look at issues as an agreement. Who are you coming into agreement with?

How Should We Respond To Halloween As God’s Imagers?

There are many responses to Halloween, but it is important to remember what God is about and what he says in his Word.

  • Jesus and Christianity are all about life, love, and light.
  • God warns us not to touch any unclean thing.
  • We should bring God’s presence into the season.

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