• Caleb Martin
  • Micah Arndt
  • Nelson Miller


Our episode today is our very first recording ever. The panel today features Caleb Martin, Micah Arndt, and Nelson Miller. Our goal today is to give you some background into what this podcast is all about and share some of our vision for what God is calling us to do. We invite you to join us for this introduction and catch a glimpse of some of things weighing on our hearts.

What Is God’s Imagers Podcast?

God’s Imagers is a community hosted multimedia platform by and for Christian men and women throughout the world. In each episode, we explore the amazing story of the Bible and learn what it means to live in the image, priesthood, and kingdom of God.

Where Did the Name God’s Imagers Come From?

As we study of the Kingdom of God we find that it keeps coming back to the Image of God. This was inspired by a term Micheal Heiser mentioned in his book “The Unseen Realm” when he referred to representatives of God as God’s Imagers. Nelson immediately knew that was the name for the podcast!

Why Start This Podcast?

Each member shares the reasons they feel interested in this ministry.

What Will the Podcast Format Be Like?


The format for these episodes consists of audio podcasts, video, and written articles. Each of these formats can be found here on our website within each episode. Some may or may not have video, but all will have audio and blog posts. The videos can be found on our YouTube channel and the audio can be listened to in any podcast player app.


A panel of two or more hosts/co-hosts will be represented in each episode. Guests will be sought after and encouraged to participate. There will be:

  • Conversation/Discussion
  • Interview
  • Testimony/Story
  • Teaching
  • Prayer

Each episode will have an intro, the main content, practical application, and prayer.

Our Goals and Vision

We believe a rich (and potentially new) understanding of God’s kingdom will give us the correct worldview we need to live like priests and kings in the image of God. It is time to take this role seriously! Here are our goals:

  • Understand the story of the Bible as a whole leading to Jesus
  • Get to know and worship God with unfiltered worldview lenses
  • Teach the wonderful truths and intricacies of God’s Word faithfully
  • Facilitate growth in individuals, families, and churches
  • Learn how to live out our role of representatives of God

Who Will Be On Future Podcasts?

We hope to have guests on every podcast. We have some scheduled all of whom God is using in a very special way sin his Kingdom. Some are very well known within various conservative Anabaptist circles, while others who may not be as well known.

We do have several speakers scheduled and planned, but we cannot say their names quite yet. We strongly encourage you to submit suggestions for speakers to us on our website.

Get Notified About New Episodes

You can subscribe to our podcast on our website, on YouTube, or in your favorite podcasting app on your phone. This way you will know when new episodes are published. You may also join our Facebook discussion group to interact with others.

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